Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights, the world leaders in conversational research and insight communities, today released ...
The return of the nostalgic tagline is supported by a spot narrated by Michael Jordan that addresses the societal pressures placed on Gen Z athletes.
Klarna’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the ways the company was able to reduce its sales and marketing spend by 11% in Q1 2024, despite running more campaigns and creating more ...
Walmart Realm is composed of influencer-led virtual shops that are meant to shorten the distance between inspiration and commerce. Walmart is diving deeper into immersive experiences. Walmart Realm ...
Miniature golf and entertainment chain Puttshack has teed up a U.S. growth plan that relies in part on humorous marketing to help explain its high-tech offerings and woo customers to new locations.
The new offering in the expanding media network market will be led by Mark Grether, who helped grow Uber Advertising into a $1 billion business.
You Can Already Taste It” includes street interviews with consumers to show what they expect it to taste like before trying the new condiment.
The startup’s latest Claude AI models will be added to WPP Open, an operating system used by clients including Coca-Cola, L’Oréal and Nestlé.
At Marketing Live, the company also outlined how it’s enhancing shopping ads and supporting complex purchase decisions with generative AI.
The airline is “opening the aperture” of its sponsorship of the Welsh soccer club with branded swag, said Chief Advertising Officer Maggie Schmerin.
A co-branded digital hub sponsored by Cesar seeks to allay the concerns of consumers who don’t take vacations due to their furry friends.
The candy brand has partnered with social media platform Meetup to launch a new interface and help consumers find community all year long.