Both he and the study authors agree that Venus could currently have as much volcanic activity as Earth. NASA’s DAVINCI and VERITAS probes, expected to launch next decade, will map the Venusian surface ...
Researchers took over an amusement park attraction to test out an idea for how astronauts might exercise on the moon.
Reinforcement learning techniques could be the keys to integrating robots — who use machine learning to output more than words — into the real world.
Mirror-image nerve cells, tight bonds between neuron pairs and surprising axon swirls abound in a bit of gray matter smaller than a grain of rice.
Scientists successfully entangled quantum memories linked by telecommunications fibers across two different urban environments.
A study in mice looked at how feelings of reward and withdrawal that opioids trigger play out in two separate circuits in the brain.
Young people’s use of diabetes and weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy is surging, especially among females ages 18 to 25.
An experiment studying the neutrino’s “wave packet” sets a limit on the uncertainty of the subatomic particle’s position.
Deciphering the messages that the heart sends to the brain could lead to new anxiety treatments and even unlock the secrets of consciousness.
These findings suggest the plague could spread through lice bites — a new way for lice to spread disease. Body lice spread other bacterial diseases, including trench fever and typhus, to people when ...
Ice’s weirdly slick exterior might originate from the boundaries between two different types of ice that form on the surface of frozen water.
MaNana isn’t a real company. However, it’s possible with today’s generative AI technology to use data from a grandparent who has died to create an interactive deepfake bot. Researchers used a research ...