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On Monday, the US Food and Drug Administration approved an antibody injection to protect newborn babies from respiratory syncytial virus, better known as RSV. Nirsevimab, also known by its brand name
The popularity of pizza now makes it possible to find delicious pies in almost any place, from sea to shining sea.Having said that, few could argue that New York
Curiosity trapped the cat. TikTok user Mariah Vanessa, AKA @mv.esco, has shared the harrowing story of her wayward kitty who found itself trapped inside a wall after a repair patched up a hole in
The US Department of Justice said Thursday that the attorney general has begun a rule-changing process that if finalized would reclassify marijuana as a schedule III drug. It's been considered a
So many of us want our little patch of nature, but if you don’t have a garden a terrarium can offer a miniature eco system indoors.Viral TikTok star and Chelsea Gold medal winner Ben Newell (aka
SPENCER ― It's no secret that spending time with animals holds a multitude of benefits. According to the American Heart Association, having a pet has shown to raise fitness
Summer is one of the best times to take a trip, but it can also be one of the most expensive. If rising prices are getting in the way of your dream vacation, now is the best time to book your summer
The company has paused use of "Sky," insisting that is "not an imitation" of Johansson.OpenAI has paused the use of Sky, a voice that generated controversy due to its likeness to Scarlett Johansson's
It’s Foster Care Awareness Month and some first graders in Forsyth County are making a difference for foster care kids in Georgia.Kelly Mill Elementary School students donated backpacks full of
(NEXSTAR) — For years, we’ve been advised and encouraged to take 10,000 steps a day. Or maybe it was 5,000. Or maybe, you heard even fewer, like 2,500.  Between the conflicting numbers and
GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Wild animals have roamed, nested and hunted the 264 acres on the west side of Grand Rapids for decades. When they get hurt, they find refuge in Blandford Nature Center. But broken
A video of wrestler The Great Khali picking up the world's shortest woman has triggered a backlash on social media for his "misconduct".Khali, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana, is a retired
The northern lights produced by one of the strongest geomagnetic storms to hit the Earth in two decades could be visible throughout the weekend, and scientists are
The list price of Wegovy in the U.S. is $1,349 for a month’s supply.Two new analyses of the longest clinical trial of semaglutide — the active ingredient in Wegovy — have shed some light on the long
The power of talented hair and makeup artists
A litter of kittens has a new surrogate mom after being found abandoned in a milk carton crate in Westchester.The kittens, all only a few days old, were discovered
It's a bird… it's a plane… it's a blue meteor? Fireball? Piece of a comet?Whatever it was, it lit up the night sky for millions of people early Sunday morning in Spain and Portugal. Social media
Travelers and locals alike will love these attractions.
Greyhounds are, like, the racing dog. They're so fast it's not really good for them, but when a Greyhound gets to zooming, you'll be lucky to catch up to them even if you're running at full-speed

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