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Wars are no longer as common as they were in previous centuries. Despite that, modern filmmakers keep exploring the subject with the same enthusiasm as those who came before them. Their
iCan Bike Portland helps kids and adults with special needs learn how to ride a bicycle.
Dr. Karl Landsteiner was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930 for his development of the ABO blood group system, a method used to classify blood types. Having knowledge about your blood type is crucial
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New Jersey's Department of Human Services launched its annual mentorship program aimed at fostering connections between younger and older New Jerseyans with vision loss.  It’s the second
1.A four-tier ladder shelf to ~maximize~ organization without ~minimizing~ design. The two bottom drawers allow for hidden storage for things like small gardening tools, while the top shelves marry
An “incredibly rare” creature was recently spotted off the coast of Ireland. A North Atlantic right whale was recorded in Donegal Bay on July 15, according to a news release from the Irish Whale and
Johns Hopkins engineers have created a new optical tool that could improve cancer imaging. Their approach, called SPECTRA, uses tiny nanoprobes that light up when they attach to aggressive cancer
Mange is something no dog parent ever wants to have to deal with, but it does end up happening sometimes. Once mange starts to impact a dog, the most important thing is getting rid of it and
The next full moon will be Sunday morning, July 21, 2024, appearing opposite the sun (in Earth-based longitude) at 6:17 AM EDT. For the International Date Line West and the American Samoa and Midway
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Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved this decade thanks to a new malaria vaccine, the head of the jab development team has said.Sir Adrian Hill, professor of vaccinology at the University of
Although we're almost a month into summer, there's still time to get all your necessities and prepare for fall and winter. Moreover, Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is the perfect place to start! If you
Amid a boom in nostalgia-driven gaming, the Sega Saturn is set to get a new game near 30 years after it launched – the ‘Parking Garage Rally Circuit’.
Shhhh…no one has to know you scored your couch from Amazon.
A snugly senior cat is in need of a loving home after her owner died, according to an Arizona animal shelter. The sweet cat lives up to her name, not her tortoiseshell coat coloring, The Humane
Social media was abuzz Tuesday after people in parts of New Jersey and New York City heard a loud boom that may have been a meteor.
It's a film come to life, an endless stream of ancient ruins, piazzas, and restaurants that never seems to lose its charm. Looking for a list of the best things to do when in Rome? Look no further.
An angler pulled an unconscious man from a river and tried to save him before he died, Colorado rangers said. The man had been floating his camp downstream within the Arkansas River Recreation Area
A playful shelter dog has been overlooked for more than three years — and still needs a home. “No one ever has given me a chance,” a Florida shelter said in a video caption written from the

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