USPS is rejecting calls for its regulator to scrutinize network modernization plans — although it concedes such a review may be legally required later on.
"The intent is for all mission areas to be in this Integrated Mission Delta approach. And all done personnel neutral," said Lt. Gen. Philip Garrant.
It is budget season on Capitol Hill and agency leaders are busy defending their 2025 spending plans in front of the appropriations committees.
A medical non-profit named for the legendary senator Henry M. Jackson, each year recognizes distinguished military medicine practitioners.
The federal government has a new strategy to prevent suicide. It is the first time the strategy has been updated in a decade, and the agencies leading the effort say it will be a whole-of-government ...
By examining data from military emergency departments across the country, researchers were able to measure how power dynamics play out in health care settings.
The Labor Department is embarking on a state-by-state refresh of unemployment insurance (UI) systems pushed to their limits at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The department is awarding grants to ...
The chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will step down from his post once a successor is appointed. The ...
Analysis by the Partnership for Public Service shows federal workers from 30 to 39 are most unsatisfied with their employment.
The Environmental Protection Agency warns that cyberattacks against water utilities around the U.S. are becoming more frequent and more severe.