Exxon hoarded $56 billion in profits last year, crushing the previous record for profits set by a western oil company.
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez made outlandish claims about the boon of MiamiCoin, but it's lost 99 percent of its value.
Santos told Republican leaders on Tuesday that he is temporarily stepping down from his committee assignments.
Former Arizona state lawmaker Russell Pearce suggested sterilizing women who sought out public assistance. We didn't reach ...
His “lack of intervention in protecting Atlanta protestors and residents led directly to the fatal raid,” they said.
It took nearly a decade of exposing the patterns of abuse and neglect at the facility in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Twenty House Democrats on Monday pressed the Biden administration to immediately halt the flow of security funding to the ...
Trump and his company could be charged with falsifying business records relating to payments made to Stormy Daniels.
In addition to reaping the benefits of tax cuts, corporations and the wealthy can become lenders to the U.S. government.
Audits, investigations and whistleblower lawsuits allege that the overcharges cost taxpayers billions per year.
We can expect a media universe where a shrinking labor force is exploited to feed ChatGPT so it can churn out clickbait.
A majority of voters believe Trump's hoarding of documents was illegal, but don't believe Biden committed a crime.