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Over 17 million insects migrate annually through a single mountain pass on the France-Spain border in the Pyrenees.
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Researchers discovered that germ cells and vitamin D influence lifespan differences between males and females.
AI has significantly advanced the study of gamma-ray bursts, transforming our understanding of these astronomical phenomena.
Researchers have made groundbreaking discoveries about the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
Ancient marine shales reveals Earth's oxygenation was a gradual 200-million-year process, with ocean and oxygen levels fluctuating together.
Wild African elephants use name-like calls to address each other, which is a rare behavior among nonhuman animals.
In 1975, the binary star system HM Sagittae (HM Sge) experienced an extraordinary event. The system grew 250 times brighter.
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In a mesmerizing cosmic waltz, matter takes the lead, guiding spacetime through elegant curves and graceful bends.