This charming brand refresh puts children’s interests at the forefront, while also leading with a simplicity that aims to impress adults too.
With designs from House of Gül, Mojo Supermarket surveyed 140 Gen Z and millennial Muslims to spark change in how brands engage with Ramadan.
Beginning as a lockdown project, the family collaboration has now resulted in a new career path for the photographer and a successful modelling career for her 91-year-old grandfather.
The Seoul-based illustrator finds inspiration for his peaceful illustrations as if finding fruit hidden in a forest.
The Amsterdam-based studio uses gothic script, hairline illustrations and conscious colour choices to create a sleek overall look.
With typefaces named after genres like Jazz and Salsa, you might already get the impression that Bastarda draws heavily from music. But the melodic comparisons don’t stop there for the design studio.
In reaction to rising energy costs, The Pub Renaissance sees artists contribute reimagined signage to an auction and poster sale to help pubs in need of financial support.
In the latest edition of our newsletter The Index, we explore where our increasing interest in analogue design comes from, what it offers and where the trend might take us next.
This is a feeling the illustrator Noa Goffer knows all too well. Finding herself at a peak point of coveting many things she couldn’t afford, Noa sought to use creativity as a means of letting off ...
Kicking off March’s Nicer Tuesdays, Brindha Kumar gave us a fascinating step-by-step insight into her meticulous approach to illustrating three windows for Selfridges’ flagship store.
We want your feedback on the work If You Could does as a platform, with three vouchers up for grabs for participants.
Quiet the noise is the latest spot from Megaforce – made up of directors Leo Berne, Clement Gallet, Charles Brisgand and Raphaël Rodriguez – enlisted to advertise the new AirPods Pro, in collaboration ...